IMG_6414The Studio is a fun and creative place to go, and I’ve always enjoyed my time in there. For me, however; there are a different set of options available when you go outside. That’s why I like to “Think OutSide The Studio”. Here is an image of me during a recent shoot. I was lucky enough to assemble a great little team for this. Kim Ottenbrite helped me with the light ( and she took this awesome shot of me kneeling in front of the car). The folks at Halterm were very accomodating by letting us down on a very busy and overwhelming pier. Ann McNeil from Securitas was awesome in more ways then we expected. Bob Sullivan brought the sweet 63′ Impala. And of course without Cassidy Megan ( founder of ) we wouldn’t have had a reason to be there. Her mom and Dad deserve some credit for getting her there, haha‚Ķ We got a hand full of very powerful images that we are all happy with BUT, I believe this shoot was fun for all who were there, and for that I am most proud!

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