Think OutSide The Studio?!?!


The studio can be an inspiring and creative place to go and take pictures, and I have most often, enjoyed my experiences there. However, for me, there are a different set and quality of options available when I get outside, into our vast and boundless world. And this is why I like to “think outside the studio”. Here is a photo of me and my model in our element, during a recent and noteworthy shoot. I was grateful and lucky to have been able to assemble such an amazing team for this endeavour: Kim Ottenbrite helped me with the light. She also took this superb shot of our shoot in action. (I am kneeling in front of the car working happily on getting the shots that helped to make the day what it was). The folks at Halterm container terminal (now PSA Halifax) were ever so accommodating, letting us onto a very busy, and breathtaking pier. Ann McNeil from Securitas Security was indispensably awesome in more ways than we could have expected. Bob Sullivan brought the sweet 63’ Chevrolet Impala. And, of course, without our model, Cassidy Megan (founder of, we wouldn’t have had a reason to be there. Her parents also deserve credit for getting her there too. So many great people came together to make this shoot what it was. We got a handful of powerful images that we are all happy with. BUT, I believe that this shoot was a memorable, enjoyable experience for all who were part of it, and for that, I am most proud!